Knowing how often to use a massage gun will largely depend on the individual. Using a massage gun can be a wonderful thing. Not only will it help with muscle recovery, but for most people it just plain feels amazing.

However, it’s important to remember that by using a massage gun, you are physically introducing micro-traumas to the body. Some percussion/vibration has been shown to be very effective for things like DOMS. Too much and you’re likely to make the problem worse.

Here are some general guidelines on how often or how much to use a massage gun:

  • Muscle Activation- 30 Seconds: Before a workout or activity, target your muscles with the massage gun for up to 30 seconds to activate the muscles and nerve fibers.
  • Muscle Re-Activation- 15 Seconds: Mid-workout and feeling a little tired? Muscles starting to fatigue or spasm? Give them a little boost with another 15 second session.
  • Recovery and Pain Relief- 2 Minutes: Post workout or when DOMS set in, you can safely use your massage gun for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group. This process can be repeated throughout the day with at least 1-2 hours rest in between.

If you’re new to massage guns, assess your tolerance by using the massage gun no more than once a day.